Upcoming Shows

Wrestle Roast Battle!

Wrestle Roast 2!!

November 28
The Fort Showcase!

with headliner Phil Palisaul!

December 02
Laurie Kilmartin

CONAN, Comedy Central

December 03 - December 04
The Fort Improv Lvl 1 Showcase!

Level 1 Graduation Showcase!

December 08
The Fort Improv Level 2 Showcase!

Level 2 Improv Showcase!!

December 08
The Fort Showcase!

Dr. Kevin Fitzgerald headlines!

December 09
Caitlin Peluffo

Late Show with Stephen Colbert

December 10 - December 11
Nat Baimel Album Recording!

Comedy Dynamics Recording

December 12
The Gateway Show!

Hosted by Billy Anderson!

December 15
Comedians Power Hour!

with host Brett Hiker

December 16